Well, actually, Marie Antoinette everything, but I’ll start with the Sofia Coppola flick.

I watched this movie the other day for the, oh, 500th or so time.  I swear, if Fragonard and Lisa Frank had a child, it would look like this movie.  I’ve decided that my next few embroideries must follow this color scheme.  I’ve become far too dependent on black and brown in my silhouette work, and it may be a nice change to lighten up the palette.  In the special features on the DVD, Sofia talks about consciously avoiding browns and tans in the film because she feels that those sepia colors are generally a standard in art direction to make something look old or historical.  Using the candy palette was her attempt to bring the action into our day, to make us feel like we are actually there.  I’m a sucker for this mix of historical and contemporary, and some of my favorite artists (Karen Kilimnik and Elizabeth Peyton, among others) often work in this mode.

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