In the age of ebooks (is that what they're even called?) I'm still a lover of the old-fashioned ink on paper version.  There is just something about a tangible object that technology can never replace.  When done successfully, I really enjoy works that play with text in a clever and/or intelligent manner.  Jessica Johnson's Cultured Texts are an interesting (if a bit gross) blend of literature, biology, and art.

 Jessica says of this work:

"I wanted to create a "library" of bacteria from some of my favorite books. I took excerpts from some of my favorite books, swabbed the text on the page with a sterile cotton loop, and then streaked agar plates in order to culture the bacteria growing on the page of the book. Whatever bacteria/fungus that was present on the text of that page is what ends up growing on the plate." 

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  1. This is awesome. It makes me wonder what is growing in all of my books.