from Sonnets to Orpheus 

O this is the animal that does not exist.  
But they didn't know that, and, in any case,   
they loved it -- loved its gait, its stance,  
its neck, loved the light in its quiet gaze.  
It never was. But since they loved it,    
a pure animal became. They always left space.   
And in that space, unoccupied and bright,   
it calmly raised its head and scarcely needed  
to be. They fed it not with grain, --    
only with the promise of its being.   
And this gave the animal such power,  
that a horn sprouted from its brow. One horn.   
White, it strode up to a virgin -- and was 
in the mirror's silver and in her.
--Rainer Maria Rilke (translation by Edward Snow) 
from Etsy:
Mythologies 1 by Natalie Arriola Photography
Paper Unicorn by A T Whim
UniCone by Miss Mary Aube                                           Unicorn Necklace by Treehouse Brooklyn
Unicorn Screenprint by Midwest Pressed
Unicorn Mask print by Matty Cipov                                               Monoceros by Crumpart     

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