I watched Our City Dreams a few nights ago (I'm on a documentary kick right now), which follows five female artists living in New York:  Nancy Spero, Marina Abramovic, Kiki Smith, Ghada Amer, and Swoon.  Although I was already quite familiar with (and quite a fan of) the previous four artists' work, the work of street artist / installation artist Swoon was new to me.  The outdoor street prints are gorgeous, but it was really her installation work that caught my eye.  They are wonderfully intricate paper and fabric constructions that are both delicate and powerful.  

The top installation, Thalassa, was installed at the New Orleans Museum of Art in 2011. Thalassa depicts the Greek mother of sea creatures, and her tentacles spread across the central gallery space.  Images via designboom.  The middle installation, The Ice Queen, was named after Swoon's grandmother and was installed at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, also in 2011.  Images again via designboom.  Street art images from Swoon's FatCap page.

And I couldn't rightly ignore the rest of these fabulous women (more images of their work to come later in the week):

 Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, Marina Abramovic, and Ghada Amer.

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