Dusk, 1996
the debonair general's fancy tent, 2012
                 Clara, the witch in the English countryside, 2009                                        homework in England, 2009
Prince Charming, 1998
the red room in the modern Architecture, 2007

So dear to my heart.  These are artists I have admired for a long time and can do no wrong in my eyes.  Karen Kilimnik probably fits this category more than any other artist.  I have included so many images because it is impossible for me to pick favorites with her work.  The manner in which she combines historical and contemporary subjects and references is so clever, and there is something about her work that just seems so honest.  It seems sweet, fun, and kitschy, yet can actually get pretty dark.  That's always a winning combination in my book.

Kilimnik has also mastered the art of titles.  homework in England?  Genius.  Also, her work for the Paris Opera Ballet is simply gorgeous.  

The most prized book on my bookshelf is the catalogue for the Karen Kilimnik show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.  In it, curator Ingrid Schaffner writes of Kilimnik's paintings, "In looking at these almost deadpan sweet images, one encounters most directly the intrigue of Karen Kilimnik's romantic imagination - the world we live in is also shown to be the one we desire.  Her art is not so much an escape from reality but a way of knowing it."  Just lovely. 

Images from here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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