Princesses, 2005
A Black Garden, 2007
And the Beast, 2004
The Sea Witch, 2011
Peter's Ladies, 2006
Shahrazad, 2009
Le Salon Courbé, 2007
 The final installment of the Our City Dreams artists. 

"I believe that all women should like their bodies and use them as tools of seduction." - Ghada Amer

Ghada Amer holds a special place in my heart because, well, she embroiders.  And she embroiders, as her mother so gently puts it, "bad girls."  Amer doesn't believe in passing judgement, though.  Instead she views these chicks as her "friends." After all, Amer believes in celebrating female sexuality (and why not?).  The mixture of Amer's repetitious pornographic friends, along with images of classic Disney princesses, all rendered in delicate, colorful embroidery (that still manages to reference abstract expressionism) create interesting and poignant statements on the expectations of women and female sexuality. 

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