Part 3 of the Our City Dreams artists:
Male Bomb, 1966

The Bomb, 1968                                                                           Female Bomb, 1966
Search and Destroy (detail), 1967
Search and Destroy, 2005
Maypole/ Take No Prisoners (detail), 2007
Maypole-War, 2007                                                                                                                    
I am in awe of Nancy Spero, and every time I hear her speak my admiration deepens.  She creates wonderfully fragile images that speak of love, loss, horror, pain, and power.

"It isn’t satisfying for me to try to analyze a situation in a detached way, as a matter of fact I couldn’t. There can be all sorts of interpretations or subversions, but what I am really interested in, is a subversion of the pompous—of a “canonized” space or situation. I realize these intentions get lost with time. What was once quite shocking or unacceptable, gets…integrated. Then you wonder what in the hell..."  -Nancy Spero, BOMB Magazine, 1994

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