Frieke Janssens (the artist who created the amazing portraits of smoking kids) will, for a fee of about $1060, create a photographic portrait for your tombstone, complete with makeup, styling, and post-production work.  You receive your portrait baked in an oval porcelain disk - a glamour shot for posterity. 

Says Janssens' website: 

‘Your Last Shot’ is your very last portrait. A serene and fearless portrait that will be taken of you now and that one day will be used to remember you by on your grave.
Why would you have someone else choose a picture for you that you would have untagged yourself from? Your ‘last portrait’ will be finished in porcelain, so that it actually can be used when the time has come. Meanwhile: have a great life.

Your last shot will not be your cheapest shot, but hey... you only live once.

Creepy and wonderful.

via Huffington Post