Cy Twombly has been on my mind a lot since visiting the Twombly Gallery about a month ago.  If you are ever in the Houston area I highly recommend a visit.  It is also located right by the Rothko Chapel and a large (as in occupies an entire building) Dan Flavin light installation, so there's no going wrong here.  There is no photography permitted in the galleries, which is actually fantastic as it promotes a more meditative rather than touristy atmosphere. 

I think this post was the most difficult for me to narrow down images.  I had originally pulled 26 works, but I figured that was a bit Twombly overload.  But you can browse all of the work here.  

from top:  Untitled (A Gathering of Time) (2003), Fifty Days at Iliam: Shades of Eternal Night (1978),  Fifty Days at Iliam: The Fire that Consumes All before It (1978), Scenes from an Ideal Marriage (1986), Untitled (1985), Untitled Part VIII (A Painting in 9 Parts) (1988), Hero and Leandro (1984), Untitled (1987), and Untitled (2001).

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