I thought it would be a shame to throw out those dying flowers once my classes were done drawing them, so I hung them in my office to dry and now they hang on my living room wall.  Since the semester has ended, I have been an absolute lunatic in the studio.  I'm talking 12-15 hour work days, trying to get as much as possible accomplished before I start teaching summer classes.  While I work, Netflix plays in the background.  I was on a documentary kick last week.  I've learned so much about the universe, the dark ages, ancient Alexandria, ancient Egypt, and the history of the British monarchy : )  I must have been all documentary-ed out, because this week I've moved on to Murder, She Wrote.  I've already finished season 1.  It's going to be difficult to break this work til 2 in the morning habit once classes start back up.  I'm much more of a night owl than a morning person.

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