I've died and gone to neutral geometric textile heaven (that doesn't exist? damn).  These large woven works are part of Brent Wadden's About Time series currently on view at Peres Projects in Berlin.  The distortions and imperfections really make this work for me.  There is so much beauty in imperfection.

Brent says of this body of work:

My tools and techniques are all very basic. I’ve had no formal training in weaving so there ends up being a lot of trial and error that occur which I tend to figure out as the problems arise. It really helps having low to no expectations and just accepting that it's going to look fucked up in some beautiful way... Each piece is usually around 6 to 7 feet in length, mostly because that’s the size of my kitchen table, which I’ve been using to set the warp length...

I’m really moved by the quilts of Gees Bend and totally dedicated to weaving at the moment. I’m eventually going to get a larger floor loom and stoked on the idea of learning how to properly dye my own yarns. I’m going to keep doing what interests me, and most importantly, feels natural, and I’m not going to think so much about the boundaries and limitations of what art is or isn’t.

via Sight Unseen.

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