These images remind me of cooler weather which I desire oh so badly right now.  I'm not cut out for Texas heat.  These Texans must be made of different stuff than I am.  And it's only June.  Summer classes also started up this week so these calm blues and creams seem particularly soothing right now.  It's funny how I seem to look forward to the beginning of a semester less as an instructor than I ever did as a student.  Let's just say those three weeks off between semesters was very nice.  I love having all of that "free time" to spend in the studio (aka my dining room), which I don't get much of while classes are in session.

Yay for the home state (O-H!) // Leah Goren is fabulous // I can't get over the cleverness of this logo.  I'm easily impressed. // Oh mountains // Great letterhead // I would love to look like a mechanic if it meant looking this chic // I've been on the lookout for a good cream throw // Gorgeous application of paint by Claire Sherman

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