1.  Lots of embroidering while watching Murder, She Wrote on Netflix.

2.  Prepping for fall classes.  I'm teaching Drawing 1 and Drawing 2 this semester, and have lots of ideas for new projects :)

3.  Still cranking out these small geometric embroideries.  I'm having a lot of fun with these; I was growing weary of the figurative work (however I do feel the figure coming back in the not too distant future).

4.  Whose bright idea was it to hold the farmer's market next to a donut shop?  I can't resist.

5.  I've been working on some decapitated man collages.  This magazine was the motherload of man heads.

6.  I have such a difficult time picking color combinations for my embroideries, and am often really disappointed in the choices I do make.  It's something these geometric works have been helping me deal with.

Also, do you see how many times my iced coffee shows up in these images?  I have a problem.

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  1. Your work is so gorgeous, especially the stuff in number 3. I'm really loving geometric prints lately.


  2. I just love your instagrams! Especially all your lovely embroidery. It really makes me want to do more needlework. I used to do cross stitch a long time ago and really enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks, Ginny! Cross stitch was what originally got me into embroidery, but I haven't done it now in such a long time.