Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk) first caught my attention with her simple and lovely home-made tattoos created for friends in exchange for various things (the above creations were traded for a houseplant and necklace, and dinner, respectively).  I love the idea of doing work in exchange for simple favors, kind gestures, and small gifts over monetary compensation; it makes the work so much more personal.  Oh and what I wouldn't give to do a trade for one of these beauties!

But then after following Miso's tattoo work for awhile, I also discovered this:

Minimal, barely there drawings made of holes in paper.  They look like beautiful constellations, but are actually maps recording places the artist has traveled, paths she has walked, distances between friends' homes, etc.  And that video showing her process - pretty amazing stuff, right?


  1. Love those drawings, thanks for sharing the video

  2. The trading of drawings, dinner, whiskey and tattoos by Miso and her friends reminded me of four installments about the 'sharing economy' that I heard on NPR this week:


  3. I love everything about miso. I follow her on insta and its great. I was telling my tattoo artist the other day about her work and trades and i literally saw his face light up. (also i got another tattoo that i think you'll love, ill link you when i post about it!) xE

  4. I have been longing to have a tattoo by Miso from some time now. Love this little feature about her work. It is so delicate and ethereal - I love it!

    Magge Pate