Another month has flown by all too quickly, but November holds quite a bit for me.  First off I have the miniature weaving workshop at The Tinderbox (the date of that has changed to November 14), and then at the end of the month I'm participating in WHAM at Winter Street Studies (can you spot my work on the flyer?).  I've never done an art market of that nature before so this should be interesting.  I've done A LOT of preparation for it and can't wait to see how it goes. 

So back to October:

1.  Playing around with some necklace weaving ideas.

2.  The local bluegrass festival has been the highlight of my Octobers since moving to Texas (The band performing is Wood & Wire.  They are AMAZING). 

3.  I've been making lots and lots of necklaces lately.  I don't know what's come over me.  I've never been that into jewelry making before (except for a period around the age of ten when I made seed bead rings like it was my job).

4.  I started making tassels for my pouches.  I think I like it.

5.  Watercolor pattern studies for future geometric embroideries.

6.  It's almost sweater weather here (meaning it's below 90 degrees), but I've been dressing as if it actually felt like fall.

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