Lily Stockman

 Gorgeous oil paintings by Block Shop co-founder Lily Stockman (read the bio on her website - this woman is amazing).


Natalie Strachan Ceramics

 A recent Etsy discovery - these wonderful candy colored ceramic pieces from Natalie Strachan.  These few are available for purchase on her shop, but check out her website for even more amazing-ness.


La Tòrna

 My, oh my, look at these beautiful woven works by La Tòrna.  La Tòrna wall hangings are all handmade on a four jack loom in the countryside near Saint-Etienne, France.  And just look at THOSE COLORS.  Sigh (I almost typed le sigh before deciding that was way too corny).


Aidan Koch

 Currently drooling over these images from Aidan Koch's But What Happens Next solo exhibition.  Those pedestal scarves are just perfection.